Neo Classical Atrium

The Neo Classical Atrium’s design is inspired by the Pantheon with great balusters forming a semi round and topped with an entablature featured as Neo Classical design. The owner wanted his customers to be able to unwind, be relaxed but still feel like royalty, thus a spacious triple volume space is created to contain them.

The atrium’s area is flexible as it could be shrunk and expanded as need be. For exclusive meetings or gatherings, the area would only include the area where the floral carpet stretches. In case of large volume meetings such as seminars and exhibitions, the atrium would then include the grand lobby’s floor to form a large public space.

When guests are waiting to be seated, there is a waiting area just outside of the restaurant’s glass window bearing the restaurant’s logo. This small little waiting area comprises of a small English style coffee table and two English style grand armchairs beside it. When waiting to be seated in the restaurant, guests may also take photos at this space as a remembrance. Of course, guests may also want to feature the 100 year old grandfather clock, maybe the still workable old solid iron stand fan and iron table fans or perhaps standing next to the cabinets that are filled with old tin containers and tea pots in the atrium space would also make a good shot for the guest.