Queen Elizabeth Suite

Moving on from the English Garden, one would find themselves impressed by the grandeur of the Queen Elizabeth Suite. Clad in white, the furniture and décor in the space oozes British high society’s elegance and glamour. Because the English people love their tea so
much it is without question that teapots both real and replicas must be placed around the space. The original bank notes used in the 1900s in North Borneo is also sourced, framed and hung on the wall. A blown up Alcamo map from 1604 is also hung on the wall as this is
the map that was the map that was used during the time. Old vases, pots, short swords, guns and other collectibles are placed as how it would have been placed around the house during the 1900s.


There are also some blown up old photos of how Jesselton used to be like on the walls, from these, guests can see the relation in between the photos; how the buildings were positioned, the prominent landmarks for example where Atkinson tower was located. Just for fun, the owner revamped an old wall phone back to working order, customers could use it to call any land line in Malaysia and in return, customers could choose whether to donate some money to the heritage fund.